Animal Surrender

Animal Surrender

Getting Started

We understand that surrendering an animal is a hard decision and sometimes unavoidable. However, we urge you to exhaust all options available before bringing your pet to us. 

Please read our Rehoming Guide before moving forward with surrender.

Animal Surrender

What to Know

We Care Animal Rescue is a small, non-profit shelter and our ability to take in animals is limited by space, available resources, and suitability for our program. 

When the shelter is at capacity, staff will continue to place animals on our waiting list and review surrender applications. Please note: We do not know how quickly an animal will move through our waitlist. 

Typically, we are unable to take emergency surrenders, feral cats, or kittens under the age of six months. If you need to place a cat quickly, we encourage you to review our list of rescue partners and contact multiple shelters simultaneously.




Treated for fleas and parasites


Tested for FeLV and FIV


Up-To-Date on Vaccines

Rabies and Distemper (FVRCP)


Senior Blood Panel

Required for any cat 8-years-old or older.


Accompanied by medical records

Must be obtained from their veterinarian.

Animal Surrender

Surrender Requirements

First, a surrender form must be completed and submitted for consideration. Any animal you would like to surrender should meet the following listed requirements.

Please understand that a submitted surrender form does not guarantee that We Care Animal Rescue will take your pet into its care, as we cannot accept every animal brought to our shelter.

If your pet is accepted, be prepared to show us proof of spay/neuter and vaccinations, and obtain all vet records ahead of time.

Please note: Once a pet is relinquished to our care, you have given up all ownership rights to this animal.

Animal Surrender

Our Priority Policy

To be considered for surrender, animals must first meet the above list of surrender requirements.

Once considered, priority will be given in the following circumstances and final approval will be required from both the Executive Director and Vet Tech:

Please note: We will consider animals with certain chronic conditions and minor health issues with good prognosis. Due to limited space and resources, advanced medical cases may not be suitable for our sanctuary.


Elderly Pet Guardians


Death of family member/owner


Demonstrable financial hardship


Neglect/inability to provide proper care


Imminent Elective (non health-related) euthanasia


Chronic conditions/minor health issues

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