Adoptable Cats


Tasha (female, spayed, DOB 2010) is our cute, wobbly girl with a lot of personality. She loves to chat with you and is keen on staying by your side. She was possibly born with cerebellar hypoplasia or another neurological abnormality that causes her hi … More….


Maeli (female, spayed, DOB 2010) will check all your boxes when it comes to the perfect companion. Her two favorite things are eating and sleeping, and she does them both with pride. She is gentle and quiet and loves being in the sun. At ten years old, … More….


Ryan (male, neutered, DOB 2019) is one of our youngest residents. He is sweet, playful, and full of that kitten energy. Ryan loves his toys and also loves to climb up high to oversee his kingdom. He is good with other cats and is very friendly. He may … More….


Camille (Female, spayed, DOB 2011) is one incredibly special lady. She is so full of personality and even though she is partially blind, that doesn’t hold her back from curiously exploring her surroundings. She is confident and knows her way around the … More….

Poe and Raven (bonded)

You know what they say, two cats are better than one! These bonded sisters (DOB 2012) are very gentle souls who love lap time with their humans. They are sassy, smart, and will keep you smiling. They play well with humans but are still figuring out oth … More….


Bugsy (male, neutered, DOB 2010) is a ray of sunshine, just like his lovely orange coat suggests. He loves human attention and will follow you wherever you go. Bugsy will be your true companion for life, as long as there are treats to eat and trees to … More….


Kashmire (female, spayed, DOB 2006) is the perfect companion for anyone searching for a low maintenance lady living out her golden years. She loves ear scratches and has a ton of personality crammed into her tiny body. Kashmire would need to be in a ho … More….

Lily (FeLV+)

Lily (female, spayed DOB 2014) is an amazing and loyal girl. She has the kindest heart and loves to be loved, both by humans and felines. Lily is gentle and warm, and is an adored cat member of We Care. She is FeLV+ so she would need to be in a single … More….

Thor (FeLV+)

Thor (male, neutered, DOB 2017) is the most striking feline you may ever see. Not only is he handsome, but he has the personality to match. His sweetness is infectious and his affection knows no bounds. He is also amazing with other cats (they would ha … More….


Mowgli (male, neutered, DOB 2008) is the definition of a companion. He is sweet enough to give you a tooth ache and wants to be wherever his humans are. This Russian Blue boy is charming, happy, and great with both people and animals. He loves to be he … More….


Samson (Male, neutered, DOB 2018). Samson is a curious, playful kitty who loves having spaces to hide in and perches to climb. He is very selective about his people but he will surely steal your heart. More….



Stormy (Female, spayed, 2 yrs. old) With a smile like the Cheshire Cat, Stormy is quiet and contemplative. She’s a little shy at first, but is always happy to see you. More….


Blues (Female, spayed, DOB 2008) Ever met a cat that isn’t afraid of water? Well, someone hand Blues some floaties! It is very rare that you don’t catch this beauty in her water bowl! Her favorite thing in the whole world, besides food and human attent … More….


Mitzy (Female, Spayed, 2011) has  “animated” written all over her. From her markings all the way down to her disposition, she’s a chirpy feline that has a lot of love to give. She just needs that chance! Mitzy does have some respiratory issues and woul … More….


Caesar’s (Male, Neutered, DOB 2012) striking coat and ocean blue eyes are an immediate attention-catcher. He is a very alert and gorgeous kitty who you would think he belongs in Kitten Chow commercials. Thankfully, his ego is not that big and he just w … More….

Grizzly Bear

More teddy bear than grizzly, he wants to be your furry friend. More….


Tango, an adoptable cat

Outgoing cat seeks adventures and lap time. More….


Richie, an adoptable cat

This affectionate guy likes people and isn’t afraid to show it. More….


Sebastian, an adoptable cat

Cosmic cat seeks own earthling. More….


Slim (male, neutered, DOB 2003) is the OG of We Care and steals the hearts of all who enter. Despite his name, his favorite pastime is eating; but once he’s done with his feast, he looks for a cozy place to sleep off his carbs. Slim may not be as activ … More….



Sly, discreet and ninja-like skills. Pretty talented for a nine-year-old. He will keep you and himself entertained by playing hide and seek. Don’t be mistaken by his playful habits, he still loves his affection. More….


Dotty, an adoptable cat

Dotty (male, neutered, DOB 2014) has piercing green eyes that will mesmerize you! A vocal and happy boy who loves to climb up high. He needs an active roommate, whether it’s a fellow fur baby or human to keep up with him. Dotty also loves being outside … More….


Not to be mistaken for an independent cat, Dorian (male, neutered, DOB 2009) just wants to be loved and feel important. His ideal human would be a homebody that wants a cat for a best friend. More….