Adoptable Cats

Dreamer (FeLV+)

Dreamer may be shy when you first approach her but, once you have her attention, it’s all fun and games with this girl. She loves scratching posts and playing in boxes, and is crazy for treat time. Dreamer was raised with other cats so she gets along g … More….

Olive (FeLV+)

Olive is the shyest of her three sisters. Quiet and calm, she prefers gentle pets and can take a while to warm up to strangers. She becomes more confident when you sit on the floor next to her and let her come to you, and then she becomes a purring mac … More….

Clover (FeLV+)

Clover is a sweet girl who loves human attention and will head-butt every item in the room to show her appreciation. She loves to play with feather toys, scratchers, and chasing shadows on the floor; she especially has a fondness for rolling around in … More….


Ingrid may be small in stature but her personality is larger than life. This petite feline is cute as a button and is happy to follow in your footsteps as you move around the room. Ingrid loves to snuggle in beds and blankets, and will try to get your … More….


A shy kitty, Opal is a gem worth winning over. She’s outgoing with other felines and has lived happily with other cats. Opal is a fan of all the toys and will entertain you with her play style and antics. She is looking for a patient, experienced adopt … More….


Kira is as independent as they come. Though she may have had a rough start in life, we have watched her blossom into a confident lady with tons of personality. She is feisty, playful, and prefers to be admired from a distance. It may take awhile to gai … More….


Wallace is full of pumpkin spice and everything nice. Our ginger gent loves to greet visitors by winding his body around your leg and purring. His outgoing personality extends to the other felines in our shelter though he would prefer to focus all his … More….

Freddy and Mercury (bonded)

“Don’t stop me-ow, because we’re havin’ a good time, havin’ a good time…”  Freddy and Mercury think that’s how the song should really go. Meet the bonded duo and two of the friendliest boys you will ever meet. It’s more than fun and games with these tw … More….

Lickety Split

Who can resist those enchanting eyes? Lickety is an affectionate senior female who loves to give out kisses and palm licks. While she’s not as quick as her namesake these days, she definitely makes up for it with tender head butts. She is not shy about … More….


Chunsa is currently in a foster home where he has been thriving. Due to his foster mom being an avid traveler, we would love to get Chunsa into a forever home with a family who will continue the amazing work his foster has provided. Chunsa is a sweet b … More….


Always dressed to impress, this ten-year-old is no stranger to self care. Squirt keeps her coat soft and shiny, a feat she loves to show off to any human in the room. She may be a little shy at first, once you get down to her level, she’ll happily char … More….


Are you looking for a sociable kitty with a flair for entertaining? Look no further than our Kayla! Many people are surprised to learn that Kayla is a senior cat since she has the energy and antics of a much younger feline. But she takes her role as gr … More….


Clyde is an easygoing fellow who always has a sweet meow to share with his human visitors. He indulges in regular naps and would love nothing more than a companion to cozy up to and offer pets. Without a Bonnie, this kitty is pretty content… the only … More….

Fern (FeLV+)

Fern is an outgoing feline that puts on quite the entertaining show. This playful lady has spent many afternoons delighting staff with her many tricks – rolling around on her back, batting at toys, and turning every bit of cardboard in to a good time.  … More….

Gatsby (FeLV+)

Gatsby is a friendly chonk that regularly charms his fellow felines and human visitors. He is a conversationalist with a croaky meow that is both distinctive and delightful. If you’re looking for a calm companion always ready for a snuggle, look no fur … More….

Daisy (FeLV+)

Named after the friendliest of flowers, our Daisy is an outgoing and affectionate cat with a lot of love to give. She’s guaranteed to brighten your day with her cuddliness and will reward you with some happy drooling for your attention and affection. D … More….

Rex and Girly Girl (bonded)

Double trouble or twice the as nice? You decide when you adopt this bonded dynamic duo. (Correct answer: twice as nice.) Rex, a grey tabby, loves lap time and snuggling. Girly Girl, a blue cream calico, is a bit more reserved, preferring to enjoy her U … More….

Perla (FIV+)

Perla is an independent feline who will happily approach you when she’s ready for pets and playtime. She is also a champion napper who loves to spend her time sleeping in the sun or perched up high where she can keep an eye on her domain. Perla is posi … More….


Primrose is a shy gal with a huge personality packed into her tiny body. She is visually impaired but not blind and acclimates well to her surroundings. She does require an oral supplement to manage her eye condition but she is very easygoing and doesn … More….

Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray had us at meow. If his handsome Russian Blueness does not already attract you, then his sweet and tentative meow will melt your heart. Mr. Gray is a gentle senior who is ready to make your house his home. He loves to nap on his back with his b … More….

Harry and Precious (bonded)

Harry came to our shelter with his littermate, Precious, after their owner passed and family was unable to keep both cats.  These two share a special bond and we agreed it was best to keep them together until they could find their perfect home. Preciou … More….


Maeli will check all your boxes when it comes to the perfect companion. Her two favorite things are eating and sleeping, and she does them both with enthusiasm and pride. She’s a lovely blend of low-maintenance and independent – gentle, quiet and can u … More….


Ryan is sweet, playful, and full of that kitten energy. He loves playing with his toys and also loves to climb up high to oversee his kingdom. Ryan relishes cat trees, real trees, and any box he encounters. He is good with other cats and very friendly … More….


Camille is a very soft and sweet girl who will rub her face all over you while purring. She enjoys being the center of attention and knows her way around the world (and onto a warm lap). Friendly and sweet to everyone — except other felines — Camille w … More….

Poe and Raven (bonded)

You know what they say, two cats are better than one! Poe and Raven are bonded felines and gentle souls who love lap time with their humans. They are sassy, smart, and will keep you smiling. Raven is the more outgoing of the two and a talented hunter o … More….


In honor of ginger cats everywhere, we’d like to introduce you to the ever-so handsome Bugsy. Bugsy is a ray of sunshine, just like his lovely orange coat suggests. He loves human attention and patiently waits for pets from everyone in the room. Bugsy … More….


Tommy is an attractive, fabulous long haired gentleman who just wants a belly to lay on. He loves to spread out his long body and nap for most of the day, but he also thrives off pets and human love. He would be the perfect companion cat for someone lo … More….

Lily (FeLV+)

Lily is a sugary sweet  7-year-old with the most boopable nose. She has the kindest heart and loves to be loved, both by humans and felines. She happily greets visitors and can often be found in a cuddle puddle with her cat companions. Lily is gentle a … More….


Samson is a shy but spirited three-year-old who will never turn down playtime. He loves to climb and play hide-and-seek in the faux cat trees and is a pro at laser chasing. This gentle boy is specific about his pick of humans, but once he gains your tr … More….


Ten years young, Joplin is a very friendly female. Like her namesake, she’s a music-maker and consistently chirps throughout the day in a jaunty syncopated rhythm. Joplin would love her chance to sing center stage for anyone willing to listen to her. I … More….


Ever met a cat that isn’t afraid of water? Well, someone hand Blues some floaties! It is very rare that you don’t catch this beauty in her water bowl. Her favorite thing in the whole world, besides food and human attention, is her water fountain. Blues … More….


Mitzy has “animated” written all over her. From her markings all the way down to her disposition, she’s a chirpy feline that has a lot of love to give. She just needs that chance! Mitzy is considered a special needs adoption since she has been diagnose … More….


Richie, an adoptable cat

This affectionate guy likes people and isn’t afraid to show it. More….


Sebastian, an adoptable cat

Cosmic cat seeks own earthling. More….



Like a ninja, Kuro is a discreet and stealthy cat who loves a game of hide-and-seek, or maybe capture-the-mouse-toy. After a long day of playing, nothing satisfies him more than a hefty meal and a cuddle. And, with his super soft fur, we think you’ll b … More….



Ellani is inquisitive about human visitors and, once you meet her, it is hard to forget those gorgeous pumpkin eyes. She is particular about her human company and known to be quite direct when she needs some space. But, if you win her heart, she is sur … More….


Dotty, an adoptable cat

Dotty has piercing green eyes that will mesmerize you! A vocal and happy boy, he loves to climb up high but will happily come down to be pet and rub against your legs. He needs an active roommate, whether it’s a fellow fur baby or human to keep up with … More….


Not to be mistaken for an independent cat, Dorian just wants to be loved and feel important. His ideal human would be a homebody who wants a cat for a best friend, and a quiet house where he can nap in a sunny place. He is a lover of soft beds, gentle … More….