Development & Adoptions Coordinator
Paige has been passionately involved in the world of animal care for the past five years. While working as a makeup artist in San Diego, she got the opportunity to move to India; it was there that her eyes were opened to the harsh realities of animal cruelty and her life’s purpose took on a new direction. She spent two years in Mumbai working hands on with multiple NGO TNR programs, raising funds and resources for local rescues, and spreading preventative education of animal cruelty throughout the community.

Once back in California, Paige knew she had to continue her work with animals and that guided her right to We Care. Her passion for the animals and creative, positive spirit has made her a key component in the support team that keeps We Care Animal Rescue thriving. Paige regularly takes part in the training practices of both animal care and shelter life, and she hopes to go back to school to become an RVT and eventually open her own rescue. She also runs a doggy daycare program for pups with separation anxiety.

“We Care Animal Rescue is my whole heart and I am so committed to our promise of providing these animals a second chance and a beautiful life. I look forward to continuing to grow with the rescue and being a voice for the voiceless.”

Paige currently lives in Napa with her two rescue kitties, Pancakes and Paavo.