Deanna May
Shelter Manager
Deanna has been with We Care for about 4 years. She started as a shelter technician and worked her way through our animal care team into her current position of shelter manager. She has a strong knowledge of the foundation of our organization and has no problem getting her hands dirty, whether it’s scooping litter boxes or doing maintenance projects around the shelter.

Deanna has a solid educational animal background in both small and large animals, from veterinary hospitals, grooming salons, kennels and horse ranches. While she spends a lot of time in the administrative role as our manager, she still fulfills an important role in our animal care team. Teamwork is very important to her and she strives to keep our team running strong and happy.

When she’s not at the shelter, Deanna is a full time mom to our “shelter kid”, Maylee. Sometimes Maylee is in tow to love on the animals and help her mom with tasks at hand around the facility. Deanna lives locally in Angwin with her 2 dogs, Jake and Tequila, and 2 rescue cats, Starr and Skye.

Her career goal is to be an Animal Services Officer and hopefully close the gap in field services for the upper region of the Napa Valley.