Slim steals the hearts of all who enter. Despite his name, his favorite pastime is eating; but once he’s done with his feast, he looks for a cozy place to sleep off his carbs. Slim may not be as active in his senior years, but he makes up for that in the love department. He will never shy away from someone who wants to snuggle.

Diabetes impacts many humans, but did you know it is also quite common among our feline companions? Telling potential adopters that a cat has diabetes often turns them away as they expect the diagnosis to be a lot of work to manage. While the reaction is understandable, our staff finds it can be less daunting to consider a diabetic cat once you understand their needs. Diabetic cats require a stable diet of special food and daily shots of insulin to support healthy glucose levels. Once their diabetes is managed, these sweet cats have the same “demands” as other felines – a cozy bed, regular pets and a sunspot. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about adopting one of our diabetic cats like Slim.

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