Olive (FeLV+)

Olive is the shyest of her three sisters. Quiet and calm, she prefers gentle pets and can take a while to warm up to strangers. She becomes more confident when you sit on the floor next to her and let her come to you, and then she becomes a purring machine. You’ll know she’s gained your trust when she rolls over and shows you that sweet belly. Olive loves round, comfy cat beds and hidey houses. She is also gifted with extra toes – commonly known as a Hemingway or polydactyl cat – that make her oversized paws look like cute kitten mittens.

Olive has feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and will only be placed in a home with no other cats or with other FeLV+ felines. FeLV can’t be transmitted to humans, dogs or other household members. FeLV+ cats live normal, happy lives and, though their lifespan has the potential to be shorter, this virus can be managed in the right home. Please contact our staff to learn more about adopting Olive or one of her companions in our FeLV+ community.

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