Clover (FeLV+)

Clover is a sweet girl who loves human attention and will head-butt every item in the room to show her appreciation. She loves to play with feather toys, scratchers, and chasing shadows on the floor; she especially has a fondness for rolling around in a freshly cleaned litter box, an attribute we can’t help but find endearing. She is very treat motivated and will be at your beck and call every moment of the day. 

Clover has feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and will only be placed in a home with no other cats or with other FeLV+ felines. FeLV can’t be transmitted to humans, dogs or other household members. FeLV+ cats live normal, happy lives and, though their lifespan has the potential to be shorter, this virus can be managed in the right home. Clover has also been experiencing seizures which are controlled by twice daily meds. So far the symptoms of her seizures have been squinting/watering of her right eye, hiding and irritability.

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