Our Sanctuary

Welcome to our sanctuary at We Care Animal Rescue!

Over the decades, our sanctuary has evolved to address the needs of the homeless animals of Napa Valley. While many rescues have the capacity to care for healthy, young and adoptable animals, few have the expert staff and flexible space to work with pets that have advanced medical or behavioral needs.

That’s where we saw a unique need in our community. We welcome cats from local shelters and families that have no other options. Some cats are adoptable while others are better suited to a peaceful life in our sanctuary due to age, illness or temperament.

Our unique space allows for both adoptable felines and sanctuary animals to happily coexist. As they would in a family home, cats in our care receive medical attention, special food, treats, enrichment, toys, cozy beds, and lots of love.

As a no-kill shelter, we never euthanize our residents due to concerns about housing space or extended stay. Our sanctuary is committed to lifelong care and only considers euthanasia when a cat’s quality of life is extremely poor and all other options are exhausted.

We thank you for supporting our sanctuary.