Cat Adoption Application

Do you rent or own your own home?RentOwnLive w/relatives
If you rent does your landlord allow pets?

(A copy of your rental agreement is acceptable if it states animals are permitted.)
Staff to list dates and times called to confirm
Are all adult members of your household in favor of this adoption? YesNoUnknown
Is anyone in your home allergic to cats?YesNoUnknown
What is the age of the youngest child living in your home?NoneUnder 6 YearsOver 6 years
Why do you want a cat? CompanionCompanion for petFor the childrenMouser
Have you ever had a cat before?YesNo
If yes, what happened to the cat(s) that you have had in the last 5 years (mark all that apply)?Still haveGave awayRan away
How many cats do you currently have?None1-234other
How many animals do you currently own?
None1-23 or more
Where will the cat be kept during the day?InsideOutside
Where will the cat be kept at night?InsideOutside
For an outdoor cat, do you have a secure building/area for the cat to seek safety from predators?YesNo
What is the name of your Veterinarian?
What is their phone number?
Staff to list dates and times called to confirm:
Do you authorize We Care Animal Rescue to contact your veterinarian to receive all veterinary records for any and all my current or past animals?YesNo
Have you ever been convicted of or received citations for the abuse/neglect of an animal?YesNo
Do you understand that a We Care Adoption Counselor will be calling you at regular intervals to check in?YesNo
How did you hear about this animal?Walk InFacebookInstagramWe Care WebsiteNewspaper

I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that We Care Animal Rescue reserves the right to deny the adoption of any animal. I understand that there will be a $75 adoption donation at the time that the animal is released to my care.