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‘Cat’apulting Us Into the Future

For forty years, We Care Animal Rescue has been saving animal lives in Napa County and beyond. We are calling upon YOU, our community of animal lovers, for help and financial support to rebuild our sanctuary.


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We’re Raising $750K for Our Sanctuary

All donations raised through our capital campaign will fund our three phase sanctuary rebuild, beginning June 2023. In anticipation of Phase 1 of our remodel, we are raising $700K.

The remodel will allow us to better meet the needs of the community and animals in our care and will align our sanctuary with UC Davis’ “Capacity for Care” (C4C) recommendations for shelter management.

We hope you will join us in our Capital Campaign to ensure the future of We Care Animal Rescue and its residents!

Dollars Raised

Phase Remodel







Phase One

Replacement of our old “Kitty City” and “Special Needs” facilities with a newly installed modular building, fit with sixteeen individual cat rooms with catios. Beginning June 2023.

Phase Two

Remodel of our dog kennel, currently being used as storage, will allow us to welcome dogs back into our sanctuary. Beginning 2024.

Phase Three

Remodel of our administration building to include additional offices, a staff break room and team conference room. Beginning 2024.

Did you know?

Phase 1 of the remodel is underway!

All funds raised during Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign will be used to replace the old “Kitty City” and “Special Needs” modular building, which is falling apart from age, wear and tear.

The state of the building not only makes it very hard for our staff to clean, but difficult to keep outdoor critters out and cat illnesses at bay. Our current open plan/free roaming model limits the number of cats our sanctuary can house for several reasons.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new cats into our sanctuary and improving their quality of life during their stay with us! 


Early June 2023

Demolition of the old building.

Late June 2023

New modular building delivery.

July/August 2023

Phase 1 remodel complete.

Early 2024

Phase 2 + 3 planning and fundraising.

Phase 1

The Plan

The new building layout will have sixteen separate cat rooms that will each house three to nine cats. Each room will have an attached catio, allowing our cats to safely enjoy the fresh air.

The food prep and laundry areas will move from the administration building to the main cat building. Staff will no longer need to spend time walking between buildings, ensuring their time is better spent caring for our sanctuary residents.

The new layout will also accommodate an adoption area, making it easier for potential adopters to spend time with cats, enhancing adoption opportunities. We believe the adoption process should be a joyful and fully supported experience!


16 cat rooms equipped with individual catios


new food prep and laundry areas


new designated adoption area

Naming Opportunities

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Through your donations, you can help secure a lasting future for We Care Animal Rescue and our sanctuary residents, like Miss Yardstick! To say thank you to our generous donors, we are offering a variety of naming opportunities, including:

For a gift of $360,000

We will name a new building after you, your family or any other name of your choosing.

For a gift of $150,000

Your gift will pay for a sprinkler system that will ensure all of our cats will be kept safe from fires.

For a gift of $20,000.

A plaque bearing your name or a name of your choosing will be mounted on the wall outside of the cat room.

For gifts of $500, $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000

Your name or a name of your choosing will be added to our donor wall.














For Small Donations

For donations under $10K.

For Major donations

For donations over $10K.


Your Questions Answered

Are there other ways to give besides cash donations?

Yes! We can accept gifts of stocks through Please contact us for more information at

Note: Cash, marketable securities, and written pledges will be counted toward the campaign goal if they are made with the intention of being used for the campaign objectives or if they are
assigned to the campaign by the Board of Directors.

How do I make a large donation?

For donations over $10,000, please contact our Director of Development, Julia Orr, at We can’t wait to hear from you and thank you in advance for your very generous donation!

How many cats will we be able to house after the remodel?

After our sanctuary upgrade, we will comfortably be able to house a total of 115 cats.

What will happen to the feral cats we house?

All of the feral cats in our care will be moved to a dedicated room with a catio. Life won’t change much for them. To keep their stress to a minimum during the remodel, they will stay in our front room with a catio where FelV is currently housed.

What will we do with the cats during the remodel?

We plan to utilize the front office and ISO space, foster homes and our amazing rescue partners.

Will you be able to take in kittens?

Eventually, yes! Our new building will be a big step towards taking kittens. First, we will need to build up a foster program and work with our vet to get protocols for treatments.

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