Animal Surrender Form

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  • If you are aware of any previous vet care, please provide contact info for the vet, and any information you have about services provided.
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    Submission of this form does not commit We Care Animal Rescue to take-in the animal. We are a small non-profit with space and resource considerations and often cannot take in an animal immediately. We will inform you as soon as possible if we are able to intake the animal; if there is a waiting list and approximate time-frame for intake. We will consider animals with certain chronic conditions and minor health issues with good prognosis. In cases of surrender for hardship due to health care costs and complex health care needs, we will review and give special consideration, including the capacity of healthy appropriate shelter space and personnel available, ability to manage the health care needs (both in direct care and cost). Due to limitations of specialized space and medical personnel, extreme health cases may not be suitable for our sanctuary. We provide medical care, but we are not a veterinary hospital or specialized medical center.

    By signing this form you relinquish all ownership rights to this animal. The animal becomes the property of We Care Animal Rescue. By submitting this form I with my name and date, I am legally acknowledging these terms, If the animal is an owner surrender and is the offspring from another pet the surrenderer owns, the surrenderer must have that pet spayed before or have an appointment for spay before We Care Animal Rescue agrees to accept pet into our program. I understand this animal will not be returned to me. I also verify this animal has not bitten anyone in the last ten (10) days and the information I have provided on this questionnaire is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY