About Us

We Care Animal Rescue was established in 1982 to improve the quality of life for companion animals in Napa Valley by providing shelter, compassionate care and community resources. As a nonprofit organization, we are funded entirely by the generosity of donors who share this profound commitment.

Our programs provide life-saving care, valuable emotional and monetary support, and critical animal welfare resources in our community.

Care and Intake

Shelter staff and volunteers provide a healthy and engaging environment to more than 120 cats. Our residents often come from local municipal shelters and homes where their owners are facing hardships and can no longer care for them. Communal living, along with an expert staff, provide them with the second chance they deserve to find a home.  

Sanctuary and Hospice

Many of the animals in our care are unsuitable for rehoming due to age, illness or temperament. As the only shelter in Napa County that offers hospice care for cats, we welcome felines that would be euthanized elsewhere and provide them with a peaceful sanctuary for their golden years.

Food Distribution

When Napa County residents are struggling to afford food for their pets, we provide bags of dry food and cans of wet food to anyone in need. Frequently, we give food and supplies to senior citizens which allows them to keep their pets at home instead of surrendering them to an animal shelter. We also support community members who distribute food to feral cats in the region.

Spay and Neuter Assistance

We offer spay, neuter and medical assistance for community members that cannot afford to pay for veterinary care. We provide vouchers to Napa Humane and local veterinarians to subsidize spay and neuter operations and life-saving procedures.

Community Support and Education

We respond to information requests on cat behavior and training methods, queries about feral cat care, questions about other animal resources in the area, and many messages about lost and missing pets. We also offer educational programming for community groups and schools which features shelter tours and presentations on responsible pet care.