About Us

We love visitors! We are currently in the process of deep cleaning the shelter and ask that you please call to make an appointment: (707) 963-7044. We will be closed to the public except by appointment in September

We Care’s Mission is to provide sanctuary, care, shelter and compassion for homeless animals.

We are a no-kill, free roaming, indoor/outdoor facility
We provide a high level of medical care, loving support, and socialization for our animals, including the elderly and those with special needs. Every animal in our care is promised a forever home, whether with us in our sanctuary or through adoption.

We Care is a no-kill shelter
We will only make the decision for an animal to be humanely euthanized in cases where they are gravely injured or so ill or disabled that to prolong life would cause unacceptable and inhumane suffering. No animal will ever be euthanized based on length of time at the shelter or shelter space considerations. We are a forever home and a sanctuary for the animals who reside with us.

We treat every animal at We Care as if they were our own. As many of our animals have special medical issues or come to us due to advanced age or illness, we do have to make thoughtful decisions regarding humane euthanasia from time to time. Our promise is that every animal is given the time, comforts and medical care they need and we provide special care and consideration for those at end-of-life.

We Care is a free-roam, no-cage shelter
We Care’s cats and dogs are never kept in crates or cages, except where absolutely necessary for their own health or the health of their fellow We Care animals. Our animals have access to both indoor and outdoor spaces, interaction with each other, fresh air and sunshine — and of course, plenty of attention from our human caregivers.